For Tuesday, July 28:

We have had such an eventful experience so far during the past couple of days. Now that we all have somewhat settled in and through our exploring have become more comfortable with our online surroundings, it's time to dive a little deeper into our readings.  In fact, it's time to "JAM-BOARD"...  This will allow for meaningful asynchronous and synchronous (for those that can and want to join) interaction and discussions.  If you have not yet joined our private Hypothesis group or Padlet page, please do so.

Hypothesis tip: The right side of the above page contains the Annotation Sidebar. The uppermost button (<) toggles to allow you to verify that you're logged in without losing your place on the site.  Once logged in, you are allowed to post either as Public or in your group, #DPL2020Scholar

(1) We'll continue our exploration of the course readings with Jesse Stommel's, "Vulnerability, Contingency, and Advocacy in Higher Education", which has already been uploaded to Hypothesis.  After annotating this reading, please upload a personal Jamboard to your Padlet space and please dedicate one frame to this reading.  Use Blue sticky notes to create discussion questions on your Jamboard about this reading.  After you have posted at least 2 discussion questions to your Jamboard, please feel free to visit your colleagues Jamboards to read the discussion questions they created and posted on their Jamboards.  Please use Orange sticky notes to ask questions and Pink sticky notes to make comments and/or suggestions to at least 2 of your colleagues' Jamboards.  This is one way that we can asynchronously interact and discuss this reading. Here is a simple reminder for the Jamboards:

BLUE Sticky Notes = Discussion Questions on your own Jamboard.

ORANGE Sticky Notes = Ask you colleagues questions about their discussion questions.

PINK Sticky Notes = Comments and/or Suggestions

(2) Reminder: We will be hosting informal "Coffee Klatch" sessions twice daily though Thursday. Early sessions at 8:00 am PDT and late sessions at 2:00 pm PDT.  Remember these are optional but we would love to meet and chat with you.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email George and Salina.  We are more than happy to help you in any way that we can.  We will drop in on Hypothesis and Padlet throughout the day and we will respond to email and discourse conversation as well.

Happy "Scholar-ing"

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Uncomfortable Discussions

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