For Friday, July 31:

Thank you, “Digital Scholarship in a Time of Precarity” cohort. As our week at DPL 2020 draws to a close, we encourage you to keep sharing! For those of you who have crossed paths via the class Padlet, Discourse, Jamboards, or Twitter, we hope the exchanges serve as the start of fruitful connections that will continue to have life beyond this week’s events.

We will again host an informal Zoom session Friday morning at 8:00am PDT (UTC -7). These synchronous chats have been “small but mighty” all week, with just a few attendees able to join us. But in each one, participants have brought new provocations and engaging takes on the reading topics, the keynotes, and the tech options. Please join us!

In addition to the “wrap-up” items shared by Sean in the Auditorium, here are two brief closing suggestions that are closely related to our track:

  1. Not Enough Voices” by Sean Michael Morris (link goes directly to the Hypothesis page, so you may annotate either publicly or in our #DPL2020Scholar group)
  2. Teaching in Higher Ed podcast: “How to Be Together in Learning Online,” Jesse Stommel in conversation with Bonni Stachowiak

As usual, feel free to contact us for tips, support, or general info throughout the day on Friday. And please stay in touch:

Salina: @SLopez_JAMS

George: @harmonygritz