For Wednesday, July 27:

Thanks for your participation, connections, and thoughtful comments so far, as well as your patience through a couple of early tech issues. Because we are at the midpoint of DPL 2020, we have emailed a brief, informal survey to everyone in the Digital Scholarship course. (As usual, please check your spam folder if you don’t see this in your inbox.) Any comments you have will be appreciated.

(1) In something of a… coup by the cohort members, our synchronous Zoom “Coffee Klatch” sessions have quickly morphed to become “Community of Practice/Inquiry” discussions, more like seminar conversations than class sessions. On Wednesday, the early session will again be at 8:00am PDT (UTC -7). For reference, this is the hour just before the Audrey Watters keynote. The later session will be at 2:00pm PDT. Again, these are optional, and they have focused as much on how participatory higher-ed events such as DPL are evolving in the COVID-19 era as on the course topics. Please join us!

(2) Please continue to share your impressions of any reading or DPL event while experimenting with Padlet and Jamboard. (Reminder for Mac users: Padlet is more full-featured when used in Chrome. Several features are “not supported” in Safari.)

We know there are a lot of DPL-wide events on Wednesday, but we hope that one or more of the following articles/posts will also spark some ideas that you’d like to share. And we hope you’ll consider using one of Padlet’s embedded features to do so.

Padlet options
  1. Harvard Business Review: “Academia Isn’t a Safe Haven for Conversations about Race and Racism,” by Tsedale M. Melaku and Angie Beeman
  2. MIT Technology Review: “Of course technology perpetuates racism. It was designed that way,” by Charlton McIlwain
  3. Project Muse, JHU Press: “#staywoke: Digital Engagement and Literacies in Antiracist Pedagogy,” by Christine “Xine” Yao (shared by email due to disruption at original site)
  4. The Humanities Institute, UC Santa Cruz: "Imagining the Post-Pandemic University," by Jody Greene

As usual, feel free to contact us for tips, support, or general info throughout the day.