Can you believe that we are more than half way through this week? Time truly does fly when you're having fun! By fun we mean talking about many issues that are not that easy to talk about.  Audrey Watters, in her keynote, didn't mince words.  She stated, "We cannot let public education die.  We cannot let teachers and students die.  We have to resist and fight this however we can." Even though we all have different passions in education that we are striving towards, let her words of encouragement ring strong in our minds and actions even after this week is over. We will see change in our lifetime.

The platforms that we have used for this course have allowed us all to share many things, including something of ourselves. They have allowed us to share our thoughts about our readings as well as interact with our colleagues regarding their thought processes and perspectives.

We have strived to bring you readings that would provoke and encourage enhancement as academics. One thing that we both felt strongly about was involving you as much as we can to steer this course to where it should and could go. One great thing about Padlet is that we can visit each other's shelves and take a small peek into how we're feeling, what we're interested in, and in what direction we would like to go.

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your thoughts with us regarding "Hierarchy or Racism" and how in some of the readings, the lack of recognition of power structures and organizational hierarchy are a very key determinant in behaviors. Jim states, "one doesn't have to be white to implement the "liberal white supremacism" ... So, what is it? Is it Race? or is it Power/Hierarchy?

This drove us to dig deeper! For Thursday, July 30, please read "Uncomfortable Discussions at Tech Conferences: Blind Spots and Systematic Racism".  Please add a frame to your Jamboard entitled, "Uncomfortable Discussions".  Use BLUE sticky notes to jot down your thoughts about this reading. If you would like to write something a little longer, please feel free to write that in the discourse. Please visit your colleagues Jamboards and feel free to ask questions and make comments in PINK sticky notes. And if you have an answer to Jim's question, please use GREEN sticky notes to jot down your answer. Also, please add anything you would like in the Padlet regarding this thought. Here are some more honorable mentions surrounding this topic:

"Diversity and Inclusion are not enough"

"The Talk that Doesn't get Talked - Knowing the difference between internal and institutional racism.

"Social Justice must be Complicated, because Oppressions is never simple."

If you are inspired by any of these readings and would like to add to this thought, please add your thoughts on Padlet.  We will be checking Padlet and email throughout the day.  Hope to see you at our "Coffee Klatch", (8:00 am PST & 2:00 pm PST), and as always, if there is anything we can help you with, please let us know.

George & Salina